Here's a few more details for you that you might find useful, a bit of history about Bespoke Tattoo Machines and the big question everyone asks..... How Much ?   Read on, it's all here.

I have been building machines now for a little over ten years, I started off making parts for a couple of other builders but soon realised I could make a better complete product than them. My machines are a little bit different than most with their adjustability .

To commemorate the ten year mark I figured it was time for a little bit of change so I have more or less dropped the word "Camber" from the business name  and now promote myself as .......

Bespoke Tattoo Machines.

But there is a bit more to it than just being over ten years old.

When I started making custom machines by hand I did them one at a time, pretty much to order, maybe have two or three in stock for showing to artists in studios if I was out and about. I never actually liked turning up at studios with machines, always seemed like I was trying to hard sell stuff and that's not what I am about.

Then , in 2011, I was invited to trade at Portsmouth Tattoo Convention by the organiser Tony Bennett, I had no idea what to expect. I knew about conventions having been to the old Dunstable one a couple of times in the early 90"s, but that was just as a visitor.

So, I set about building some stock, I think I managed to get about 20 or so machines built for that show and I took a bunch of parts and stuff too to make the stand look decent.

That put me on the convention trail, Brighton show followed, as did Liverpool, Manchester Tea Party, North Lakes, Scarborough and a couple of others along the way. But, somewhere along the way things got a bit stressful, having to constantly build stock for the shows coming up and sometimes turning away bespoke builds to cater for the shows. Madness. Before long I was taking 80 or so machines to each show.

Don't get me wrong, I love trading at shows and meeting people. I would rather someone comes to a show to meet me and try out some stuff than just post it out to them but that's not always possible as people are busy with work and often too far away.

2018 not only sees a new identity for the business but I am also going back to my roots. No more building vast amounts of stock for shows, each machine will be individually built to order. No tricks, no claims that my books are full or my diary is closed. If you want me to build you a machine then you need to get in touch to discuss what you want.

I invested heavily early on, every penny went back into tooling and my purpose built workshop and raw materials. Before you zoom over to ebay for your next machine please bear in mind that if you pay 80 quid for two machines then all you are getting is some re-worked chinese rubbish from an assembler happy to take money from anyone.

Choosing me to build your new machine means you get quality and service that is second to none. I don't buy in parts from lands far away, I make them here. That way I have full control over quality. I don't cheat by buying in coil cores or frames or contact screws... I MAKE THEM. I handmake bespoke custom machines, The people that buy stuff in are assemblers. If you are happy with that then fine,no problem, but you need to know that there is a big difference.

By now you'll have an idea of the stuff I do, check out the pics of some of the machines I have built in the past. I build machines with regular height coils as well as shorty ones. This is a fairly recent addition as people need a bit more drive and power and while the taller coils are a little bit heavier the advantages can pay off.

There's no need for me to jabber on too much, you're here to find out how much I charge right ?

Bespoke Custom Machines are £200 each. This includes special insured royal mail delivery.

Any stock builds that I have or that I sell at shows start at £150 each.

I can't tell you here how long it is going to take to build your next machine as I might already have one or two in the pipeline, it might be as little or as much as a couple of weeks. You'll need to get in touch and we'll take it from there. Payment is always in advance, in full. I am not going to be messed about or cancelled on. That's just the way it is now I am afraid.

Then and Now